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Prod. and Airdates:


September 1967 - September 1970, ABC

Jay Ward Productions

Theme Song: George of the Jungle (main)

George of the Jungle (segment)



n a parody of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle came George, Lord of… not much. Whereas Tarzan was ignorant of culture because he was raised by apes from infancy, George was ignorant because he was a clueless simpleton.


George lived in a tree house in the jungle with his wife Ursula, who he called "fella" because he thought she was a man. If anyone mentioned the name Ursula he was confused because he didn't recognize the name, and didn't in fact even know that he was married. Further evidence of grey matter synaptic failure could be witnessed in regards to his pet elephant Shep, who George believed was a large, peanut-loving pooch. In fairness to George, Shep liked to fetch sticks, wagged his tail, ate from a bowl and in further ways carried on in the manner of a dog.


Fulfilling his ape man role, George acted as protector of the jungle. He was occasionally asked to help maintain law and order by the District Commissioner, a short British fellow who was kept busy by poachers, the natives, and assorted others who would stir up trouble in Mbwebwe Valley. In addition to Shep, George could rely on the help of his friend Ape, a gorilla who spoke in a refined British accent that matched his cultured demeanor.


Of personal note, George's only real asset was his brawn, which probably helped him survive falling from the tree house he consistently forgot he lived in or the countless face-plants he took into trees while swinging from vines. Like most incompetent cartoon heroes though, George could largely depend on lucky happenstance to rescue himself and his friends from danger.


Seventeen, half-hour episodes of the show were made, each of which included three unrelated segments. George of the Jungle was the featured segment, followed by backup segments Super Chicken and Tom Slick. Each of the segments was 6-7 minutes in length.





Bill Scott



June Foray



Paul Frees



Paul Frees



Daws Butler





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