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nimated cartoons have been a part of our culture for over a century, and it looks as if they'll continue to entertain us for generations to come. This site takes a look at animated cartoon series that have aired on television or played in theaters throughout the decades, many of which have forged a permanent place in our childhood memories. Feature length films and one-shot specials aren't covered unless they are an offshoot of or have some connection to a series, in which case they may be mentioned. Let's not forget the gems and even the delightfully bad works of painted acetate that form such an important and entertaining part of our past. See the series index for a full list of the cartoons that are currently covered. New pages are added on a more-or-less, somewhat semi-frequent basis.


A site redesign means some discontinuity with the look of the pages. Eventually all of the pages will be updated, but it will take some time.



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