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Prod. and Airdates:


October 1958 - April 1962, syndicated

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song:

Pixie and Dixie (segment intro 1)

Pixie and Dixie (segment intro 2)

Pixie and Dixie (segment intro 3)



ixie & Dixie was one of three segments on the half-hour Huckleberry Hound Show. Pixie (who wore a blue bowtie) and Dixie (who wore a red vest) were a pair of house mice who had to contend with the resident cat, Mr. Jinks. Unlike the Tom & Jerry, cat and mouse duo for which Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera first made their claim to fame, all three members of the Pixie & Dixie cast could and did speak, and Mr. Jinks' mouse chasing repertoire was less high strung or frenetic than Tom's had been. In fact, Mr. Jinks' disposition was normally laid back and confident, knowing he would, like, catch the "meeces" in his own good time. Most of the stories took place in a residential home, but occasionally Mr. Jinks was employed in some sort of profession that required him to take care of the bowtie and vest wearing rodent problem.


All three characters made appearances in subsequent Hanna-Barbera ensemble series, but failed to achieve the same level of notoriety as many of their contemporary cartoon headliners. Perhaps the idea of a cat chasing mice simply wasn’t novel enough by the time this series appeared on the air.





Don Messick


Daws Butler

Mr. Jinks

Daws Butler





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