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Prod. and Airdates:


September 1976 - September 1978, ABC

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: Jabberjaw



n the year 2076, mankind had expanded its frontier to undersea towns and cities encased within protective bio-domes. What better way to explore this world than by following the adventures of a teenage rock band with a great white shark for a drummer? As a bonus, traveling from one gig to the next afforded the group plenty of opportunities to cross paths with the criminal undersea element.


The name of the teen's five piece band was The Neptunes. Biff, the level-headed leader of the band, played lead guitar. Ditzy, blond-haired Bubbles played keyboard and had a knack for making a bad situation even worse by doing stupid things. Clamhead played bass; in dangerous circumstances or when he got excited about something his favorite phrase was, "Wowee, Wow Wow." Raven haired tambourine player Shelly was vain and easily annoyed - especially with the band's drummer, Jabberjaw. She was full of not-so endearing terms for the shark, like Blubber-head, Dum-Dum, Jabber-nose, overgrown guppy and Jabber-blubber, to name a few. It's small wonder that Jabberjaw often complained of getting "No respect!"




The series included things one might expect to find in an undersea world. For starters, the names of most things began with "aqua," for instance... aquamobile, Plaza Aquapulco and Aquamo (Eskimo). Sharks must have been a common problem, because "shark ejectors" (robots programmed to remove a shark from the premises) were standard in many establishments. Apparently not all sharks were of the friendly sort like Jabberjaw, who was repeatedly tossed out by the shark ejectors, followed quickly by his inevitable complaint of, "No respect!"


Due to the band's penchant for getting mixed up in the villainous machinations of undersea criminals, each episode ended with a musical chase scene where the teens and Jabberjaw would run from the bad guys, performing zany cartoon antics in order to escape while a groovy tune played in the background. As a prelude to confronting the bad guys Jabberjaw liked to demonstrate his fighting prowess by proclaiming, "I'll give 'em one of these... then I give 'em one of those..." while he carried out pseudo martial arts moves. His bravado can't be seen merely as bragging though, because in the end the criminals were always caught, thanks in large part to the exploits of Jabberjaw.


The show ran for one season of original episodes, and then for an additional season consisting entirely of repeats. Jabberjaw also later appeared as a regular on Yogi's Space Race (1978) and as an occasional guest announcer on Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics (1977) and Scooby's All-Stars (1978).




Frank Welker


Tommy Cook


Julie McWhirter


Barry Gordon


Patricia Parris




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