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hong kong phooey

Prod. and Airdates:


September 1974 - September 1976, ABC

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Theme Song: Hong Kong Phooey



ho would suspect that mild-mannered Penrod Pooch was Hong Kong Phooey, crime fighter extraordinaire and hero of the people? As a cover, Penrod (called "Penry" by his co-workers) was employed as a janitor at the city police station, where his hair-brained inventions and other crazy schemes often landed him in hot water with Sergeant Flint. But by working at the station Penry was privy to incoming calls taken by Rosemary the telephone operator. When there was trouble Penry dashed through a secret door behind one of the vending machines and into a room that contained a filing cabinet, which he used to change into his crime fighting costume. Inevitably, the filing cabinet got stuck and the police station cat, Spot, would have to let the newly changed crime fighter extraordinaire and hero of the people, Hong Kong Phooey, out.


hong kong phooey


Accompanied by Spot, Hong Kong Phooey then leaped through a back window and into a dumpster where the "Phooeymobile" was hidden. By ringing a gong the Phooeymobile could be transformed into any type of transportation that was needed.


Generally, every clue to a crook's whereabouts escaped Hong Kong Phooey and crimes were committed under his very nose. It was up to Spot to point out any illegal activity, although this was difficult for the cat because he couldn't speak and had to do his best to point out what should have been obvious to his heedless partner. When Hong Kong Phooey finally went into action - often consulting his 'Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu,' which was supposed to serve as a crime fighting guide, but never offered any appreciable help - he would showcase an incredible array of inept blundering that could in no way be mistaken for the actions of a crime fighting champion. But in the end, either by sheer accident or more commonly through the efforts of Spot, the crooks were captured. Without exception, Hong Kong Phooey was oblivious to anything that had actually transpired and would be convinced that he had single-handedly caught the crooks - a feat he then proudly professed to the repeated chagrin of Spot.


When Sgt. Flint showed up to take the felons into custody Hong Kong Phooey always got credit for saving the day. This also served to foster a not-so-secret crush Rosemary had for Hong Kong Phooey, never suspecting that her hero was in fact her everyday work associate, Penry.




Hong Kong Phooey

Scatman Crothers

Penrod Pooch

Scatman Crothers

Sgt. Flint

Joe E. Ross


Kathy Gori


Don Messick




hong kong phooey title card

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