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Fat Albert and the gang The Cosby Kids listening to Mudfoot

Prod. and Airdates:


September 1972 - August 1984, CBS

September 1984 (est.) - July 1985 (est.), syndicated

February 1989 - September 1989, NBC (reruns)

Filmation Associates

Theme Song: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids



at Albert and the Cosby Kids was a long-standing Saturday morning cartoon that featured a group of urban adolescents growing up in a Philadelphia neighborhood. Stories centered around the real-life social issues and moral dilemmas that most young people are confronted with while growing up, such as dealing with the feelings of having a first crush or acting as an individual, to subjects like stealing, smoking, skipping school and vandalism, to more serious themes involving gun violence and child abuse. The show sought to impart life lessons while it entertained, and to help the kids watching make smart decisions when faced with similar situations.


Characters were loosely based on the childhood friends of comedian Bill Cosby, who himself appeared throughout the show in live-action segments that helped to promote or clarify the educational theme of the episode. The backdrop of his segments was made to look like the junkyard where the gang had their clubhouse and spent much of their time.


Bill Cosby


Fat Albert was the cornerstone of the series. He was leader of the gang, and the level headed voice of reason who always tried to keep the peace. Anyone who has seen the show will remember the phrase "Hey, Hey, Hey" that proceeded much of his dialogue. Other members of the gang included Bill, a younger, animated version of host Bill Cosby, who was good at sports and who had to keep an eye on his younger brother Russell, who had a talent for wisecracks and telling it like it is. Most of Russell's punch lines were directed at Rudy, the smooth talking huckster who was most apt to get into trouble and who's ego needed deflating on occasion. Dumb Donald wore a pink stocking cap down to (actually below) his eyes and had a predisposition for missing the obvious. Mushmouth had a serious speech impediment that filled his sentences with the "ba" sound... "It'sba getting lateba, oneba morba gameba." Weird Harold got his name because of his unique way of doing things. He was tall and lanky and wore trousers that were too short for his height, revealing the mismatched red sock and brown sock he apparently overlooked while dressing (at least in the early episodes). Finally there was the quiet and unassuming Bucky, so named for his buckteeth.


The show ran for thirteen consecutive seasons, accumulating a strong supporting cast in the process. The kid's parents often made appearances and many extras became well known to the viewing audience. A few prominent figures included Mudfoot Brown, a vagrant old timer who was well known by the kids for telling tall tales, and the boys' school teacher Mrs. Bryfogel and in later episodes Miss Wucher.


The Cosby Kids

The series had several "show-within-a-show" elements that played as segments during the episodes. The initial series, which began in 1972, included a song performed by the kids on their makeshift, junkyard instruments. When the show was re-titled The New Fat Albert Show in 1979, a new segment called Brown Hornet was added which took the place of the musical number. Brown Hornet was a favorite TV program of Fat Albert and the gang, and the kids would race to the television in their junkyard clubhouse whenever the latest installment aired. Occasionally a Mudfoot story or song still took the place of the Brown Hornet segment. In 1984 the title of the show was changed once again, this time to The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and a new segment called Legal Eagle sometimes took the place of the other segments.


Production of the series wasn't consistent - some years no new episodes were produced - but a combination of new episodes and reruns stayed on the air with CBS for twelve seasons, and then the show aired for an additional season in syndication in 1984-85.



Fat Albert

Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby

Mudfoot Brown

Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby

Dumb Donald

Lou Scheimer


Jan Crawford


Jan Crawford

Weird Harold

Gerald Edwards

Rudy Davis

Eric Suter


Eric Suter

Mrs. Bryfogel

Jay Scheimer

Miss Wucher

Jay Scheimer


Erika Scheimer


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Pilot (1969)
Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert

Season 1 (1972-73)
The Runt
The Stranger
Fish Out of Water
Playing Hookey
The Hospital
Beggin' Benny
The Hero
The Prankster
Four Eyes
Stage Fright

Season 2 (1973-74)
The Bully
Smart Kid
Mister Big Time
The Newcomer
What Does Dad Do?
Mom Or Pop
How the West Was Lost
Sign Off

Season 3 (1975-76)
The Fuzz
Ounce of Prevention
Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid
Take Two, They're Small
The Animal Lover
Little Tough Guy

Season 4 (1976-77)
Smoke Gets in Your Hair
What Say?
Readin', Ritin' and Rudy
Suede Simpson
Little Business
TV Or Not TV
The Shuttered Window
Junk Food

Season 5 (1979-80) as:

"The New Fat Albert Show"

In My Merry Busmobile
The Dancer
Spare the Rod
Sweet Sorrow
Poll Time
The Mainstream
Free Ride
Soft Core

Season 6 (1980-81)
Pain, Pain Go Away
The Rainbow
The Secret
Easy Pickin's
Good Ol' Dudes
Heads Or Tales
Pot of Gold
The Gunslinger
Habla Espanol
The New Father
Two By Two
The Double Cross
Parking Dog
Little Girl Found
Water We Waiting For?
Watch That First Step
Season 7 (1984-85) as:

"The Adventures of Fat Albert

and the Cosby Kids"

Have a Heart
Watch Thy Neighborhood
Cosby's Classics
Justice Good as Ever
Rebop For Bebop
Sinister Stranger
Handwriting On the Wall
It All Ads Up
Never Say Never
Don't Call Us
The Runner
Video Mania
You Gotta Have Art
Long Live the Queen
The Joker
Second Chance
Kiss and Tell
Teenage Mom
Film Follies
Harvest Moon
Read Baby Read
The Whisky Kid
Millionaire Madness
Call of the Wild
Funny Business
Three Strikes and You're In
What's the ID?
Rules Is Cool
The Birds, the Bees, and Dumb Donald
Double Or Nothing
Hot Wheels
No Place Like Home
Not So Loud
The Jinx
You Don't Say
Amiss With Amish
Gang Wars
Computer Caper
We All Scream For Ice Cream
Painting the Town
Rudy and the Beast
Faking the Grade
Write On
Cable Caper
Say Uncle
No News Is Good News
Attitude of Gratitude

The Fat Albert Halloween Special (1977)
The Fat Albert Christmas Special (1977)
The Fat Albert Easter Special (1982)




Rudy and Dumb Donald
Rudy the huckster
Mrs. Bryfogel
Dumb Donald has a crush
The Cosby Kids
Bill and Fat Albert
Fat Albert with his parents
Fat Albert and the gang





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