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Pluto (Pluto's Kid Brother, 1946) Donald Duck and Goofy (Bill Posters, 1940)






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Minnie Mouse and Pluto




Pluto (Canine Casanova, 1945)









The Riveter

Donald's Dog Laundry

Tugboat Mickey

Bill Posters

Mr. Duck Steps Out

Bone Trouble

Put-Put Troubles

Donald's Vacation

Pluto's Dream House

The Volunteer Worker

Window Cleaners

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip

Goofy's Glider

Fire Chief

Pantry Pirate





Pluto's Playmate

The Little Whirlwind

Golden Eggs

A Gentleman's Gentleman

Baggage Buster

A Good Time for a Dime

Canine Caddy

Baby Weems

How to Ride a Horse

The Reluctant Dragon

The Nifty Nineties

Early to Bed

Truant Officer Donald

Orphan's Benefit

Old MacDonald Duck

Lend a Paw

Donald's Camera

The Art of Skiing

Chef Donald

Seven Wise Dwarves

The Art of Self Defense

The Thrifty Pig




Donald's Decision

All Together

The Village Smithy

The New Spirit

Mickey's Birthday Party

Pluto Junior

Symphony Hour

Donald's Snow Fight

Donald Gets Drafted

The Army Mascot

Donald's Garden

The Sleepwalker

Food Will Win the War

Donald's Gold Mine

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line

T-Bone for Two

How to Play Baseball

The Vanishing Private

The Olympic Champ

How to Swim

Sky Trooper

Pluto at the Zoo

How to Fish

Bellboy Donald




Der Fuehrer's Face

The Grain That Built a Hemisphere

The Spirit of '43

Education for Death

Donald's Tire Trouble

Lake Titicaca


El Gaucho Goofy

Aquarela do Brasil

Pluto and the Armadillo

The Flying Jalopy

Private Pluto

Fall Out-Fall In

Victory Vehicles

Reason and Emotion

Figaro and Cleo

The Old Army Game

The Winged Scourge

Home Defense

Chicken Little

Defense Against Invasion




The Pelican and the Snipe

How to Be a Sailor

Trombone Trouble

How to Play Golf

Donald Duck and the Gorilla

Contrary Condor

Commando Duck

Springtime for Pluto

The Plastics Inventor

How to Play Football

First Aiders

Donald's Off Day




Tiger Trouble

The Clock Watcher

The Cold Blooded Penguin

The Flying Gauchito


La Piņata

Dog Watch

The Eyes Have It

African Diary

Donald's Crime

Californy er Bust!

Canine Casanova

Duck Pimples

The Legend of Coyote Rock

No Sail

Hockey Homicide

Cured Duck

Canine Patrol

Old Sequoia




A Knight for a Day

Pluto's Kid Brother

In Dutch

Squatter's Rights

Donald's Double Trouble

The Purloined Pup

Wet Paint

The Martins and the Coys

Blue Bayou

All the Cats Join In

Without You

Casey at the Bat

Two Sillouhettes

Peter and the Wolf

After You've Gone

Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet

Willie the Operatic Whale

Dumbell of the Yukon

Lighthouse Keeping

Bath Day

Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive

Double Dribble

A Feather in his Collar




Pluto's Housewarming

Rescue Dog

Straight Shooters

Sleepy Time Donald

Figaro and Frankie

Clown of the Jungle

Donald's Dilemma

Crazy with the Heat

Bootle Beetle

Wide Open Spaces


Mickey and the Beanstalk

Mickey's Delayed Date

Foul Hunting

Mail Dog

Chip an' Dale

Pluto's Blue Note




They're Off

The Big Wash

Drip Dippy Donald

Mickey Down Under

Daddy Duck

Bone Bandit

Donald's Dream Voice

Once Upon a Wintertime

Bumble Boogie

Johnny Appleseed

Little Toot


Blame It on the Samba

Pecos Bill

Pluto's Purchase

The Trial of Donald Duck

Cat Nap Pluto

Inferior Decorator

Pluto's Fledgling

Soup's On

Three for Breakfast

Mickey and the Seal

Tea for Two Hundred




Pueblo Pluto

Donald's Happy Birthday

Winter Storage

Bubble Bee

Pluto's Surprise Package

Sea Salts

Pluto's Sweater

Honey Harvester

Tennis Racquet

All in a Nutshell

Goofy Gymnastics

The Wind in the Willows

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Greener Yard

Sheep Dog

Slide Donald Slide

Toy Tinkers






Donald Duck
Donald Duck and his nephews (Mr. Duck Steps Out, 1940)
Mickey Mouse (Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip, 1940)
Donald Duck (Donald's Camera, 1941)
Minnie Mouse (The Little Whirlwind, 1941)
Mickey Mouse
Goofy (Mickey's Birthday Party, 1942)
Pluto (T-Bone For Two, 1942)
Donald Duck (Home Defense, 1943)
(1943) Reason and Emotion
Mickey Mouse (Mickey and the Seal, 1948)
Chip and Dale


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